CNC for accuracy and quality

We complete small and medium series production of vacuum formed products on 5-axis CNC machining centres.

Quality = CAD, CAM + CNC

Economical production of large plastic parts in smaller series requires the use of plastic technologies and moulds, in which, in addition to large-scale injection moulding, additional finishing of the parts is necessary, such as, for example, removing overflows, inlets and venting, and cutting the part from the preform.

In order to minimize the price of the tools for smaller series of products, customers usually prefer to make holes, countersinks and other details by machining.

Quality and accuracy are ensured through a combination of CAD technologies and CAM systems with modern CNC machining centres.

Technological background of CNC

Promens uses 5-axis CNC machining for the production of parts using vacuum forming technologies and for the precise finishing of a number of other products.

Modern 5-axis CNC machines from Termwood and Geiss are used for this operation.

The largest machine allows the machining of products with a size of 2.5 × 2 m.

Photos from production

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