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RIM Technology

The core principle of the RIM technology is the direct injection of a monomeric mixture into the mold, wherein, under specific conditions, the mixture undergoes polymerization.

RIM technology

SMC Technology

Technology involving the forming of composite materials reinforced with glass fibres.

SMC technology is used mainly in the automotive industry, but can also be applied in the electrical industry and construction.

SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound)

Vacuum forming

Parts produced by vacuum forming can be delivered in the required colour, gloss or matt, smooth or patterned – according to customer requirements. As a rule, parts are no longer painted, but the processed materials can be painted, with a few exceptions.

The technology is most often used for series production ranging from hundreds of pieces per year to tens of thousands of pieces per year.

Vacuum forming

PU-RIM (Spray)

Combination of spray and foam PU-RIM systems. This combination of technologies enables the production of parts made from different materials in one mould. The carousel semi- automatic arrangement technology is highly productive.

PU-RIM (Spray)


The Promens paintshop is equipped for small and medium series production of visible exterior and interior plastic parts. It meets the high standards of the most demanding customers such as Škoda, Volvo, John Deere and many others.

The painting process involves a development team that monitors all innovations in the field and continuously applies everything that maximizes the quality and environmental friendliness of the process while minimizing costs.


CNC machining

This is an obvious offer from a modern producer of large plastic parts for medium series production.

We use a combination of CAD, CAM systems and 5-axis CNC machining.

We finish parts using CNC machining, for which it is necessary, for example, to remove overflows, inlets, venting, or to cut the part from the preform.

CNC machining

Assembly, gluing and welding

Assembly units for production are delivered Just-in-Time or Just-in-Sequence.

For the integration of supplies, most large exterior plastic parts in Promens Zlín go through assembly operations.

Examples of elements most often mounted in assemblies are lights, curtains, reinforcements, anti-noise elements, washers, grills, metal reinforcements, fixing elements, including the actual connection of individual plastic parts into assemblies (e.g. bonnets).

Assembly, gluing and welding

We work for the best

Tailor-made applications

We develop, manufacture and supply parts for major manufacturers throughout Europe.

At Promens Zlín, we choose a combination of technologies according to efficiency, seriality, material and production price according to the required cost / performance ratio.

As a standard, we also address the requirements of Advanced Logistics. Our advantage is that after R&D and production we can supply parts assembled into Just in Time assembly units. We are a partner for manufacturers and for Just in Sequence deliveries.

With these solutions, we help customers be successful in the market.


We are experienced Tier 1 development suppliers.

Together, we will make your project succeed.

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