How do we work at Promens?

In Promens Zlín, we live by our values and would be happy to share them with you here.

Are we on the same wavelength?

Having professional abilities and skills is one part of the requirements we have on our colleagues.
The other part is an approach to the various situations life throws at us.

Person with an open mind

The developmental setting of the mind is based on the belief that your basic qualities are something that you (and others) can develop when you strive to do so.
Success comes when we face challenges that teach us new things and help us evolve.

To have desire to self-improve

Our internal motivation is crucial for fulfilling the meaning of our role. We therefore support a corporate environment that inspires your self-directed development.
We create an environment where the best ideas win.

“I don’t know that I don’t know”
or “I know that I don’t know?”

Or, in other words, where am I on the path of learning?
The first step is to realize where your mindset is in relation to your role.

“Stable environment, fairness to employees. Strong team able to pull. We always find a solution.

Ability to invest in and develop new products. There is room to realize your visions.”

Corporate culture attraction factors

Benefits, good team, 5 weeks annual leave, action team, or something completely different?
We asked colleagues what they value most at Promens Zlín. Here are the TOP 5 answers.

The opportunity to learn new things

Do you want to increase your expertise in a certain technology? Or, expand your knowledge? We will give you the space to do just that.

Pleasant working environment

We continuously invest in the improvement of workplaces – we renew machines and pay attention to order.

Work that makes sense

The results of our work can be seen every day almost all over the world. Our innovations and production reduce our ecological footprint and helps hundreds of thousands of people every day.

Security and stability

We are on the market since 1991. We develop for and supply top customers such as Škoda, Volvo, MAN, Iveco, CNHi and others.

First class work

Working for first-class customers requires perfect approach. We welcome the willingness to learn and work on yourself, and the courage to push and improve things.

“We are building a unique corporate culture for competitiveness – that’s why every employee is important to us.

“They invest in people (safety, education, work environment and more). They are very transparent in their intentions. They are growing in the long term. They have stable management, with the same director since the company was founded.”

“Interesting work, diverse colleagues, work environment, investments in employee development.”

“Fairness and corporate culture, good team with a desire to cooperate, salary and benefits, education opportunities, participation in trainings, work environment.”

Our values, mission and vision

Our mission is the basic reason for the existence of Promens Zlín, and the value we provide to those we serve.

Promens Zlín’s mission

“Our employees set plastics in motion and turn our partners’ visions into reality.”

We are a reliable partner for our customers in the supply of plastic parts and assembly units, designed for the most demanding applications, especially in the automotive industry. We help them meet their goals in the areas of development, supply, quality and safety. Together, we have developed a successful, long-term market presence.

We operate on the global market as a development and systems supplier. We value the commitment and loyalty of our staff and invest in their development, whilst ensuring a safe working environment.

Promens Zlín’s vision

We are customers´ first choice for the development, production and supply of large plastic parts and assemblies.

Our enthusiasm and desire to look for new ways enables our customers to be leaders in their field.

We invest in developing relationships, work safety and environmental protection.

The best work for us!

Promens Zlín’s values


Energy Renewal


Mutual Respect

Mutual Benefit


Meaningful Goals

Proactive Approach

Our roots

We direct our energy primarily to developing our character. It’s the character of each and every one of us and the company that forms the basis of the long-term effectiveness of Promens Zlín.
Character is like the tree roots – “When we support their growth, we start harvesting over time.”

The 7 habits of truly effective people

“The 7 habits aid creative cooperation. This is how we find a mutual solution, which is better than the individual design by anyone of us. 

We use knowledge of neuroscience in practice

At Promens Zlín, we create a trustworthy and fair environment for our employees with clear intentions, predictability and a high degree of autonomy. We value differences.

Development thinking (Growth Mindset)

As Jan Antonín Baťa said: “For twenty long years, I only did work that I hadn’t done before. The fact that I learned from that work, and always learned quickly, was the success of my work.”

The concept of continuous improvement of a learning enterprise

We connect classic corporate indicators (sales, profit, supplies) with indicators of corporate culture.
Including the individual development of each employee.
We create a transparent environment in which every employee knows how we are doing and in which everyone can meaningfully participate.

“Don’t say, you can’t do it, say, you just can’t do it yet.”

Tomáš Baťa
Tomáš Baťa

“If you want to build a big business, build yourself first.”

Tomáš Baťa
Tomáš Baťa

“When everyone talks about impossibilities, look for possibilities.”

Tomáš Baťa
Tomáš Baťa

“You can do whatever you want.”

Tomáš Baťa
Tomáš Baťa

“Try to do the best things in the world and the world will beat a path to your door.”

Tomáš Baťa
Tomáš Baťa
Tomáš and Jan Antonín Baťovi

Local yet global

Shoemaker, businessman, mayor and innovator.

Tomáš Baťa, and subsequently Jan Antonín Baťa, transformed the city of Zlín with their business and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

At Promens Zlín, we are proud that the history of our company goes back to the innovative approach of these great figures.

We are still inspired by the ideas of Tomáš and Jan Antonín Baťa.

photo source → The Thomas Bata Foundation

Habit No. 1: I’m proactive

“I take the initiative and accept responsibility. I focus mainly on the things I can influence.”

The 7 habits of truly effective people

Habit No. 2: I start with a thought for the finish

“I set measurable personal and team goals and a plan to achieve them.”

The 7 habits of truly effective people

Habit No. 3: I put the most important thing first

“I follow priorities and achieve my most important goals, instead of constantly “fighting fires”.”

The 7 habits of truly effective people

Habit No. 4: I think in terms of win-win

“I build relationships with a high level of trust, so I cooperate more effectively.”

The 7 habits of truly effective people

Habit No. 5: First, I try to understand, then to be understood

“Empathy is the fastest form of human communication.”

The 7 habits of truly effective people

Habit No. 6: I create synergy

“We create an environment where the best ideas win.”

The 7 habits of truly effective people

Habit No. 7: I am sharpening tools

“I find time for myself every day because it gives me the strength to do everything else.”

The 7 habits of truly effective people

Fixed mindset

Growth mindset

A FIXED mindset leads to the desire to LOOK SMART and therefore to a tendency for…

A DEVELOPMENTAL mindset leads to the DESIRE TO LEARN and therefore to a tendency for…

  • Challenges →
  • Obstacles →
  • Cost of effort →
  • Critical thinking →
  • Others' success →
  • Avoidance
  • Giving up easily
  • Missing results
  • Ignoring
  • Insecurity
  • Acceptance
  • Perseverance
  • Road to the championship
  • Learning
  • Inspiration

Author → Carol Dweck, Stanford University

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