In what ways do the current market challenges differ from the past, and how are they influencing our organization, Promens Zlín? What gives us a competitive edge, and what strategic direction will we pursue? Roman Bořuta, a seasoned manager, shares his observations and expertise.

The past few years have been full of challenges. How is Promens Zlín dealing with them?

In the midst of these difficulties, our response has been steadfast. We remain resilient, adaptable, and consistently focused on the future. Last year, in particular, marked a significant test in 2022, when the market was caught off guard by turbulent conditions and a steep surge in input costs. Despite these obstacles, we’ve been strategically investing in our future.

Initiatives such as the relocation of RIM technology to the modern Zlín2 facility, streamlining our internal logistics, and the acquisition of advanced SMC technology carriers have enabled us to process orders more efficiently and deliver exceptional quality.

Roman Bořuta, Sales Manager

The new production site Zlín2 shortens in-house logistics thanks to the location of RIM and SMC technologies and the subsequent grinding and painting activities under one roof.

Did the turbulence affect the entire plastic production industry for automotive?

The automotive industry, including our client base, felt the squeeze on profit margins. Organizations struggled to respond adequately to the abrupt rise in input costs and consequently initiated large- scale cost reduction measures.

The present crisis differs from previous ones in a fundamental way – while a typical downturn leads to decreased demand and reduced material costs, this time, demand levels have remained constant, and, conversely, input costs have continued their upward trajectory, creating substantial challenges for many companies.

You’ve been with Promens Zlín since 2014, and you’ve been part of many projects and witnessed many challenges. In your perspective, what factors contribute to the company’s sustained resilience?

Our ability to adapt to any circumstance is undoubtedly a key factor.

However, it’s our corporate culture that truly sets us apart. At Promens Zlín, we firmly believe in the absence of boundaries; we only acknowledge those we impose upon ourselves. While our core objective remains growth and sustainable profitability, our approach is what distinguishes us. As a result, our employees experience both professional and personal growth.

You have navigated across various departments and ascended through different hierarchical levels within the organization. What have these experiences yielded for you?

My varied career within the company has provided invaluable insights. I can connect different facets of our business due to my diverse roles. For example, my involvement in the Zlín2 hall construction gave me an in-depth understanding of resource allocation and cost calculations. Participation in numerous process improvement projects has honed my ability to pinpoint priorities and propose strategies to enhance our competitiveness.

These experiences also prove crucial in client interactions, where understanding the organization’s workings enhances credibility. My background in Research and Development equips me to appreciate the intricacies of demand processing and the importance of aligning solutions with customer needs.

Is your internal Research and Development team of paramount significance within your operations?

Absolutely, yes! Our internal Research and Development team is integral to maintaining a competitive edge. They enable us to develop optimal solutions from conception to final product.

Roman Bořuta, Sales Manager

In practice, clients present requirements, and we propose suitable technology, materials, and design changes.

Could you shed light on your customer base and the primary market segments served by Promens Zlín?

Our reach continually expands. In addition to our core sectors of buses, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery, we’ve added trucks and rail vehicles.

This diversification mitigates the risk of simultaneous market turbulence in all sectors.

Currently, we’re exploring new, non-automotive segments, especially in the burgeoning field of renewable energy resources, including wind turbines, heat pumps, air conditioning systems, and battery storage.

In Promens Zlín, we also serve the segment of renewable energy –⁠ R&D and we offer production, for example, for parts of wind farms, covers for heat pumps and air conditioners, or battery storage.

Besides branching into other sectors, there’s also a move to expand into global markets? Is that so?

Yes, that’s right. In partnership with the Turkish company Purteknik, we are poised to enter their market, which holds substantial potential. Nevertheless, it represents another noteworthy challenge that we are eagerly looking forward to.

The new sister company Promens Düzce will shorten the logistics chain for customers in Turkey, Egypt and other surrounding countries.

Is there anything else you are looking forward to this year? What will be the proverbial “icing on the cake” with the inscription “year 2023”?

I am personally anticipating the Christmas celebration with great enthusiasm! After enduring several challenging pandemic years, I look forward to the prospect of its successful realization.

On a professional note, my primary aspiration is to witness a gradual stabilization of the global and market situation.