We are proud to have our products on display at the prestigious JEC Paris 2024 composites fair! Those who make a difference in the composite materials fields, cannot miss this trade fair. And so Promens Zlín was also present.

Visitors to the JEC Paris 2024, a major trade fair for composite materials, got a chance to see three of our products and assemblies, which we had an opportunity to put on display.

“In Promens Zlín we perceive the knowledge gained from the JEC fair as one of the regular and important sources of inspiration for our own technological and product development.”

Jaroslav Bořuta, R&D Technological Strategy and Project Manager

New driver boxes for Iveco buses: Innovative change in materials

One of our innovations is the brand-new overhead shelter for Iveco buses. The innovative material solution of the driver’s overhead box replaces the original laminate product. The Individual parts are manufactured using SMC technology and vacuum forming as well.

This complete assembly consists of parts manufactured by SMC technology. Other parts manufactured by vacuum pressing are already running on the production line.

“Currently, these SMC and VF parts are already being produced. However, in a few weeks, we are going to switch to a different layout completely. We expect to raise the annual production volume to 2,500 assemblies.”

Vojtěch Janáč, Key Account Manager

We paint the parts to achieve a perfect visual. We then complete the whole unit, which consists of more than 50 purchased components, SMC parts and VF parts.

Thanks to its high quality complimented by the new polished look this overhead box will become an essential part featured in the new Iveco buses Low Entry series.

This part appeared for the first time at the JEC Paris 2024 World Fair, specifically at the
stand of Cannon S.p.A.

Extreme cooling: Fan cover for Volvo Haulers

Another product, that appeared, at the prestigious Paris trade fair was a fan cover for Volvo Construction’s articulated dumpers. These parts are installed on the inside of the engine bonnet.

It is a massive PDCPD part without any surface treatment with the following parameters:

  • weight: 8,8kg,
  • length: 816 mm,
  • width: 793 mm,
  • height: 229 mm.

“Such parts are balance between huge mass of the PDCPD material and quite simple production process using a RIM machine only. The main driver is a high- impact toughness as the primary advantage and feature of the material, therefore it is perfectly suitable for such applications and market.

Václav Císař, Key Account Manager

Despite the simplicity of the Fanshround part, it represents a significant portion of the customer portfolio and is a typical representative of the PDCPD usage.

Designed for the most demanding applications when moving huge volumes of soil, this part is another reference in our portfolio of composite materials for construction technology.

Zetor tractor hoods: How did we prepare the Pininfarina design for production?

We have been producing complete hoods for the well-known red Zetor tractors for several years. Our cooperation with the Zetor company extends to the development and production preparation of the hood which the famous Pininfarina studio designed.

These hoods are manufactured and painted with the utmost care and are further completed into assemblies, including grilles or lightning. We offer first-class output quality and deliver directly to the ZETOR assembly line for quick and easy completion.
This way, we can provide first-class output quality and deliver everything to the assembly line for quick and easy completion.

We aim to continue our hard work while searching for innovative solutions in the composites field and extending the boundaries of technology, for the benefit of our customers.

All our gratitude belongs to Canon S.p.A. and TELENE SAS, for the opportunity to present our products at their exhibition stands.