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Our experience is your advantage

Our main advantage is the team of experts in a wide range of fields, something you can expect from a system supplier.

We work on a project and partnership basis, whereby we always approach customer requirements individually. We recommend suitable materials, find construction solutions and produce all the necessary tools.

We are ready to manufacture and test the parts and we can provide complete logistics according to your needs.

We work with leaders in various industries, thereby ensuring the introduction of innovations and the latest knowledge into your products.

Tailor-made applications

We develop, manufacture and supply parts for major manufacturers of agricultural machinery throughout Europe.

At Promens Zlín, we choose a combination of technologies according to efficiency, seriality, material and production price according to the required cost / performance ratio.

As a standard, we also address the requirements of Advanced Logistics. Our advantage is that after R&D and production we can supply parts assembled into Just in Time assembly units. We are a partner for manufacturers and for Just in Sequence deliveries.

With these solutions, we help customers be successful in the market.

Construction technology

We are well aware of the demands in this segment. Mechanical properties, temperature resistance, visual demands, serial production, variability and other challenges.

Vibratory rollers
and other machinery and equipment.

We have extensive experience in this field, whether it concerns the production of individual parts or complex assemblies and functional units.

RIM technology and vacuum forming are suitable solutions for many applications such as complete engine hoods, fenders, roofs, interior parts and more.

What do we produce and develop? We’ll show you

Take a virtual walk

A picture is worth a thousand words –⁠ that’s why we invite you for a virtual tour of the new Volvo L45 loader. For this loader we develop and manufacture engine cover. 
The cover is then painted in two colors and then assembled, for example, a reversing camera, manufacturer’s logo, frame, insulation and other components.

How to move during a virtual walk?

  1. Walk inside and around the loader: click on the arrow icon on the ground.  
  2. Inspection of individual parts: after clicking, hold down the mouse button, you will look around as you move it.

We recommend rotating the display horizontally on the mobile phone for more comfortable viewing.

Bobcat E55 excavator

We produce engine covers for excavators.

We work for the best

Research and development | Production | painting | Assemblement | Just in time & Just in Sequence

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Pictures from production

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