We have experience with millions of painted parts

We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial painting. We meet the most demanding requirements of top customers, including our own development of painting systems.

Painting professionally from A to Z

Give us the part specifications and the desired result. We will then choose the appropriate technology and paint your parts to your complete satisfaction. We can also assemble parts into larger assembly units and prepare everything for dispatch.

5000 m2
paintshop area

> 220 000 m2
painted surface of parts per year

Why are we the right choice for painting your parts?

Certified supplier

Top quality for the automotive industry.

In-house development

We develop painting systems according to the requirements of our customers.

We propose the process of using and implementing the technology.

Variability of technology

Small or large projects? We can provide painting in a manual box and on a Power & Free robotic automatic line.

20 years

Many years of experience in industrial painting, especially for the automotive components sector.

Complete painting under one roof

development of painting systems;
→ process development;
→ technology design;
→ implementation;
→ painting.

Do you have different requirements regarding colour, number of layers or surface quality?
We can design a customized painting system for each application.

A stable painting process with the required production cadence is a given.

Surface preparation

Our paintshop performs manual grinding as standard, but also has unique robotic grinding and machining technologies at its disposal.

When machining, we adjust parts that need minor corrections before painting. We remove all unwanted particles from the surface with ionized blowing.

Pre-assembly can be done before painting.


We paint by the piece or in series of hundreds of thousands.
We choose the appropriate technology according to your painting requirements:

  1. robotic painting line;
  2. manual painting lines;
  3. separate hand painting in boxes.

2500 x 4000 mm

max. dimensions for painting box

1700 x 1700 x 700 mm

max. dimensions for painting line


We use Power & Free conveyors on both manual and robotic painting lines. This automatic system significantly speeds up the painting process.

Wet to Wet painting allows optimal movement between two spraying stations in a row.

We have extensive experience with multi-colour painting, including the precise masking of one part.

Do you need a metallic finish? This is normal in our paint shop.

Wet-to-Wet painting

By painting onto a completely uncured base, the layers are ideally interconnected.

ECO-friendly dryer

Due to state-of-the-art VOC reduction technology, we fully comply with the strict limits on the discharge of pollutants into the air.

Follow-up processes

  1. assemblies into larger units;
  2. gluing parts;
  3. welding plastics;
  4. gluing with protective foil;
  5. packaging and shipping directly to your customer.

Need parts assembled into larger assembly units?

We complete individual parts made of plastics and metals, including the installation of wiring, grills, lights, insulation, including purchased items (screws, etc.).

CASE STUDY: Development of painting system for fenders for Austrian CNHi/Case tractors

The surface treatment had to be prepared for increased stress in the field and at work:

Abrasion resistance

High UV stability

Flexibility of the paint according to the base material

Resistance to surface cracking from contact with a sharp object

Technical details according to CNHi norms:

→ shade;
→ gloss;
→ structure and parameters of the paint.

1/ Pre-production 

→ We designed a painting system with the correct adhesion to the base material.
→ We specified the surface treatments prior to painting.
→ Together with the customer, we defined the tests and measurements for approving the process.
→ We selected painting technology on a robotic line and the ideal process for this part.
→ We prepared a price quotation with regards to all the customer´s requirements (IATF).

2/ Preparation and painting 

→ The surface was prepared prior to painting.
→ We implemented the selected painting system on the robotic line and made adjustments to optimize the process.
→ We produced jigs for movement on the robotic line and in the dryer.
→ Together with the manufacturer, we adjusted the viscosity and the final gloss of the paint to achieve the right result.
→ The painting process underwent series testing, followed by successful tests according to CNHi requirements and standards.
→ The series production process was approved.

3/ Finishing 

→ Application of a protective foil and marking with the customer’s identification label.
→ Assembly of other components, cabling, lights and controls.
→ Packed in a returnable customer package in pre-prepared quantities for sequential deliveries.

Result: Customer satisfied with the quality and deadlines

→ The entire development of the painting process, including all approval steps, took 8 weeks from the order for painting to the first pieces coming off the production line.
→ The biggest challenge was to modify the painting system together with the manufacturer to achieve optimal adhesion properties.

We serve segments with high standards

As a Tier 1 supplier, we provide customers with a complete service with regards to the supply of plastic parts and assembly units designed for the most demanding applications, especially in the automotive industry.





New painting plant built in 2019

State-of-the-art painting technology at your fingertips.

Pictures from production


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