The year 2021 is important for Promens and our common future. We present the new owner of our company and at the same time a partner who will help us fulfill our potential and develop quality for our employees and customers.

We are heading for the future

During the 30 years of our history, we are still growing in the quality of production and our people.

1991 / Establishment of the company

1998 / PU RIM: first deliveries to Škoda Auto

2008 / with the entry of a new owner, we change the name to Promens Zlín

2021 / Promens Zlín has a turnover of € 40 million

2022 / Planned completion of a new production plant (second site in the Zlín-Příluky industrial zone with robotic grinding, paint shop, expedition). Space for further development of the company.

Why do we change owners?

We found a strategic partner for the completion of a new production plant and the implementation of all planned improvements in reality.

Our goal is to have everything under one roof – in addition to the existing paint shop, the entire RIM technology and assembly.

The advantages of the new production plant are:

  • minimization of internal logistics,
  • increasing the quality of production,
  • acceleration of production processes,
  • improving competitiveness.

Introducing a new owner

“We help build successful companies in Central Europe based on our expertise and experience.

With more than € 300 million and investments in 5 Central European countries, we at ARX Equity Partners are a leading private equity investor in our segment.”

Tomáš Lánský, ARX

People you know

High goals remain on our path, for which specific people are responsible.

People who know our customers don’t change. You can view the image in full resolution here.

Our mission remains

“Our people set plastics in motion and our partners’ visions into reality.”