We received a demanding assignment – and we met the customer’s requirements for durability and properties 100%.

What were CNHi / Case’s requirements?

➔ Increased stress in the field and at work

  • High abrasion resistance.
  • UV stability and flexibility of the paint according to the base material.
  • Resistance to surface cracking in the event of contact with a sharp object.

➔ Technical details according to the following instructions

  • Shade, gloss, structure and parameters of the paint according to the CNHi standards.

1/ Preparing orders at Promens Zlín

  • We designed a painting system with the correct adhesion to the base material.
  • We specified the surface treatments prior to painting.
  • In conjunction with the customer, we defined the tests and measurements for approving the process.
  • We selected painting technology on a robotic line and the ideal process for this part.
  • We prepared a price quotation with regards to all the customer’s requirements (IATF).

2/ Preparation and painting

  • The surface was prepared prior to painting.
  • We implemented the selected painting system on the robotic line and made adjustments to optimize the process.
  • We produced jigs for movement on the robotic line and in the dryer.
  • In conjunction with the manufacturer, we adjusted the viscosity and the final gloss of the paint to achieve the right result.
  • The painting process underwent series testing, followed by successful tests according to CNHi requirements and standards.
  • The series production process was approved.

3/ Finishing

  • Protective foil was applied and parts marked with the customer’s identification label.
  • Assembly of other components, cabling, lights and controls.

  • Packing in a returntable customer package in prepared quantities for sequential deliveries (JIT).

Result: Customer satisfied with the quality and deadlines

“The entire development of the painting process, including all approval steps, took 8 weeks from the order for painting to the first pieces coming off the production line.”

David Mléčka, Key Account Manager pro lakovnu

The biggest challenge was to modify the painting system in conjunction with the manufacturer to achieve optimal adhesion properties.