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Kolejová vozidla – tramvaje, městské vlaky, meziměstské vlaky, letadla

Our experience is your advantage

Our main advantage is the team of experts in a wide range of fields, something you can expect from a system supplier. 

We work on a project and partnership basis, whereby we always approach customer requirements individually.

We recommend suitable materials, find construction solutions and produce all the necessary tools. We manufacture and test the parts and provide complete logistics according to your needs.

We work with leaders in various industries, thereby ensuring the introduction of innovations and the latest knowledge into your products.


We develop, manufacture and supply parts for major manufacturers of agricultural machinery throughout Europe.

At Promens Zlín, we choose a combination of technologies according to efficiency, seriality, material and production price according to the required cost / performance ratio.

As a standard, we also address the requirements of Advanced Logistics. Our advantage is that after R&D and production we can supply parts assembled into Just in Time assembly units. We are a partner for manufacturers and for Just in Sequence deliveries.

With these solutions, we help customers be successful in the market.

For safe and comfortable travel

We will provide you with a complete portfolio of plastic parts for the interior. At Promens Zlín, we will produce for you, among other things:

Large-scale interior parts
other interior parts.

We manufacture everything from individual parts to complex assemblies and functional units.

We help customers increase the efficiency of each car. We will take care of the complete chain and ensure logistics exactly according to your requirements.

We will meet demanding requirements for customization

For the interior, we will provide you with a complete portfolio of all plastic parts – seats, handles, large-scale interior walls. We manufacture everything from individual parts to complex assemblies and functional units.

We will meet demanding requirements for:

a wide range of customization
non-flammability of parts
parts safety
mechanical properties
optimization of the weight of the part
anti-graffiti design
visual demands

We follow the standards

In production, we comply with all required technical standards for safety and quality.

In the field of train sets, we certify ourselves to the following standards:


Fire protection of railway vehicles

DIN 6701

German standard for gluing railway vehicles and their parts

Painting parts for train sets

Our experience in industrial painting is built on more than 20 years of painting for top customers with the most demanding requirements.

> 5000 m2

paint shop area

more than 220,000 m2

area of parts that we paint annually

we are a certified painting supplier
own development of painting systems
technology variability

we offer manual painting as well as a Power & Free robotic automatic line

surface preparation including robotic sanding
About Promens Zlín Paint Shop

We work for the best


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