The year 2021 was a period of successfully completed projects. We completed the development of the dashboard for NIKOLA trucks or the facelift of the Iveco Crossway bus dashboard.

We managed many personal and professional challenges and even set a new record – 1,000 days without a reported occupational injury, successful audits (Scania Bus, WCM, IATF and bonding according to the German DIN 6701 standard) and, above all, birthday celebrations.

The company celebrated the 30-year anniversary of its establishment.

And there was much to celebrate…

Throughout the year, we were commemorating all the important milestones that had shaped us, strengthened us and here and there prompted us to step out of our comfort zones.

We gathered, came together and commemorated our roots. We commemorated those who were behind the creation of Promens Zlín, and all those without whom we would not be where we are today.

Curls, cocoa and the people who we couldn’t do it without

The history of Promens Zlín began 30 years ago… And there have been so many events and changes since then that we even published a book about it in 2016.

We not only summarised in one publication our history and the reaction of our founders to the change from a centrally planned economy to a market economy by founding a new company. The content also includes various memories – how we used to walk to work around the fields, the importance of making hair-curlers to ensure the economic survival of the company, having breakfasts together with a roll and cocoa or business trips to the other side of the world, whether to the USA or Japan.

Above all, the book is about specific people who work or have worked with us.

Open Day in the Zlín2 facility

The core part of the year-long programme was a celebration for our employees, their family members and our Zlín partners, which took place in September at the Zlín2 facility.

“The whole afternoon was primarily a thank you to our employees and their loved ones. Without their enthusiasm, energy, support and diligent work, none of our successes would be possible. I really appreciate it”.

Robert Zatloukal
CEO Promens Zlín

In the new production hall, visitors could see the areas where grinding, painting, assembly of constructions and dispatching operations are performed.

This particular hall will soon also be expanded to include Phase III, where the RIM technology production will be moved to, helping to significantly reduce the internal logistics times.

Machines, kids and a jumping castle!

All the participants were welcomed to the production hall by the Promens Zlín CEO, Robert Zatloukal. A rich programme full of attractions for young and old alike was prepared – a commented tour of the Zlín2 facility, and lots of attractions for children.

The icing on the cake was an outdoor exhibition of vehicles that we develop and manufacture large-format plastic parts for.

Our people involved in the individual parts of the machines and cars could see the result of their work live. And the joy, motivation and work reward were immense!

The Construction segment was represented by a Volvo L45 loader and Bobcat E55 excavator, the Agro segment by a Zetor Forterra tractor and the Bus segment by an Iveco Crossway.

One of the biggest “incomplete” attractive items of the whole exhibition was the presentation of one of the first dashboards for the new Nikola Tre-BEV electric and hydrogen trucks.

And the kids? They were on the cloud nine thanks to the opportunity to try sitting in the driver’s cabin of a loader, excavator, tractor and bus…

Final “bumps”

“I am very pleased that we have managed to create an environment in which ideas and people thrive”, says Robert Zatloukal, evaluating the biggest challenge of the past few years. “Over the past 30 years, I am most happy that we have managed to build a company from scratch and through our own honest effort, which not only maintains good relations with its employees and customers, but also with its surroundings. A company with a future.
For this, a big thank you goes to everyone who participates in the running of Promens Zlín!”

Robert Zatloukal
CEO Promens Zlín

We can only wish ourselves health, energy, pleasant cooperation, technological challenges (because without them there would be no progress) and a team of great people who know that the success of the company is inherently linked to the positive mind-set of individuals.