We never get tired of materialising the ideas and wishes of our customers, especially when they are unconventional and daring. Come with us and get an exciting glimpse at a revolutionary Bobcat compact excavator that we are proud to have a hand in manufacturing.

Digging with a shovel is long out of fashion

Creating a “pocket” excavator that can make your work easier and more effective even in small spaces has proven to be a stroke of genius. Indeed, the company Bobcat, which is a global player in the fields of construction and agriculture, has dethroned the previous holy trinity composed of a shovel, sweat and hard graft.

The E55 compact excavator also perfectly lives up to the name of the Bobcat brand, which is inspired by the red lynx or bobcat. At first glance it looks cute and cuddly, but out in the field it is a tough and nimble predator.

We cover Bobcat’s back, or rather its engine

We too help to make the Bobcat E55 tracked excavator exceptional. With the aid of top technologies, we provide it with a four-part engine cover, which ensures the safe operation of the entire machine as well as making it a joy to look at. See for yourselves.

We tailored the solution to Bobcat: Three parts from the tough polymer material PDCPD are created using the RIM method. For the remaining side part, which requires even greater heat resistance, we then rely on one of the most modern SMC technologies.

But the entire cover is made under one roof in our new Zlín 2 Hall, where we simultaneously paint the parts on an automatic line and assemble and supplement them with the necessary components, such as brackets or threaded rods.

The finished covers then head straight to the Bobcat production plant in Dobříš to find their motorised other-halves and together go out into the world to provide relief and joy from a job well done.

Using vacuum pressing, we simultaneously produce parts that will find a use inside the driver’s cab. This means that Bobcat is our only customer for whose maximum satisfaction we use all types of available technologies at the same time.

With the aid of top technologies, we manufacture a four-piece engine cover for the Bobcat E55 crawler excavator.

Bobcat has drilled its way into our hearts

When we say that the Bobcat brand has become an integral part of the story of Promens Zlín, these are not just empty words. Do you want proof? Fly through the entire production process with our drone. You can see the Bobcat parts, which play one of the main roles in the video excursion, on the painting line.

The E55 was also an admired attraction and guest of honour at our company’s recent 30th anniversary celebrations. We truly support Bobcat’s philosophy and look forward to many more years working together.